Holiday rentals in Caribbean sea and in South of France

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The transactions concluded through Maisons en Vacances are guaranteed up to € 120,000 by GALIAN, 89 rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris.

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How does a booking take place ?

When the choice is made :

1. The tenant requests a booking, by email, precisely stating all personal details, the chosen property, the dates of the stay, the number and ages of the occupiers, and the possible presence of an animal.

2. Maison en Provence then checks with the hirer and confirms, or not, the availability and requests a confirmation from the tenant.

3. The tenant confirms the booking request, which is then passed on to the hirer who will establish a rental contract.

4. For the booking to become effective, a deposit must be paid, generally to the order of 25% to 50%. This deposit definitely commits the hirer and the tenant.

5. The balance outstanding is required to be paid according to the contract terms, generally 1 month prior to the rental occupancy.

6. On arrival, a guarantee deposit is requested of which the amount, the cashing or not and the reimbursement time is freely set in the contract between the hirer and the tenant. Generally you can account for 300 € to 1500 €, non-cashed and refunded upon departure or within 1 week.


The hirer insures the rented goods and the tenant must be in possession of a holiday insurance. If this is not included in the tenant's house insurance under the civil responsibility section of their primary residence, the tenant must subscribe to a holiday insurance policy. This insurance can be subscribed to, as well as a cancellation insurance, with Mondial Assistance.

Contractual relations - tenant

When a rental is put into a concrete form, a contractual relation is established between the tenant and the hirer in a contract form for a seasonal furnished rental and commits both parties. This rental contract must contain a precise description of the roods and rental conditions. Maisons en Vacances cannot be held responsible for any disputes that may occur during the contractual relation between hirer and tenant. Maisons en Vacances cannot guarantee, in spite of the given care towards the adverts, the accuracy of the description that is provided on the websites. It is up to the hirer and the tenant to attend to the precision of the description in the rental contract that they establish together.

Contractual relations - hier

The properties presented on the websites are subject to a clientele research mandate by Maisons en Vacances and the owners. Properties managed by associates are also presented on the websites. In which case the associate secures the contractual relation with the tenant.

Maisons en Vacances

Maisons en Vacances of the holiday rental  at  ,

Locations vérifiées

Les locations proposées sont visitées et contrôlées par un professionnel de l’immobilier de tourisme. Avant chaque réservation, vous disposez de notre compte-rendu de visite, ainsi que de la localisation exacte.

Garanties financières

Les transactions de location de Maisons en Vacances sont garanties à hauteur de 120 000 € par GALIAN, 86 rue de la Boétie 75008 Paris. Assurance responsabilité civile professionnelle MMA IARD 14 Boulevard Marie et Alexandre Oyon 72030 Le Mans.